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Neighbourhood Watch

Latest Report from Neighbourhood Watch



Rolvenden Neighbourhood Watch Scheme 

Thank you to all the residents involved in the scheme.  The NHW scheme continues with success because of  the members,the joint area Co-ordinators: Jenny Wynter and Pam Murphy.  

There are over 100 active members and there is a need to be proactive rather than reactive.  

A reminder of the need to get details of any suspicious behaviour of people/vehicles:

Vehicles:  registration number/make/model/colour

People:  age/skin tone/hair/clothes/gait/distinguishing marks

There are still issues with: 

1.Bogus callers - fake police officers, reps from the utility companies/distraction burglaries

2.  Scams - e-mails and telephone callls.  Don't open e-mails where you don't recognise the sender and be careful not to open attachments.  Do not give out any personal details 

Rolvenden NHW has strong links with Biddenden NHW.  

Don't advertise that you are going on holiday on Facebook

Crime prevention downloads are available at: 

25 - 50% of crimes are preventable 

A tip to remember for burglaries:  "daytime look, nighttime strike"   - be suspicious of unusual daytime activity - people watching properties.


Thank you again to the NHW community 


Siân Reeves   

Link Co-ordinator Rolvenden NHW  Email contact